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Nimble note-taking for all your ideas, plans, and lists

Write on your own, or collaborate with family, friends, and co-workers.

Clean and speedy

Avoid distractions and be efficient with a lean interface and instant search.

Multiple panes

View and edit notes side by side. Better than going back and forth.


Share notes and work together in real time. No need to pass around drafts.

Focused writing

Keep your hands on the keyboard and your eyes on the text. Structure your document with markdown or keyboard shortcuts.

Write in context

Keep related notes side by side when writing. No need to go back and forth.

Plan projects

RexPad also makes an excellent project planner and Kanban board. Drag and drop notes to organize them.

Organize your notes

Group related notes together in a hierarchy, and link between notes to make a wiki.

Collaborate in real time

Notes are always up to date and everybody is on the same page.

See what has been changed

All notes keep full edit history. You can see what has been changed when, and by whom.

Powerful export

Download notes as Markdown, HTML, and Word files.

List all the things

Get things done with nested lists and todos.

Full text search

Find and go to notes with a few keystrokes. Search result updates as you type.