RexPad Privacy Policy

The privacy of your notes is central to what we do. We will only access your account if you ask us to, for example, if you need help with a problem.

We will only collect information from you and third parties that are needed for the service, and we will not sell it to third parties.

Also, there are no ads.

What information is being collected

When browsing the site

We use Google Analytics to understand how people find our website and how they use it. IP anonymization and path filtering are used to keep personal information away from Google. We also use general request logging to keep the site safe and available.

When signing up

When you sign up, we will ask you for your name, email, and password. The name is used when you share notes. The email is for identification, communication, and notifications. The password is also for identification, and it is not stored directly. Instead, we use best security practices with salted hashes (bcrypt).

When using RexPad

To encourage fearless collaborative writing, the full history of note edits is saved, who wrote what and when. Nothing is lost, and even deleted notes can be restored.

When having a paid subscription

We use Stripe as a third party to handle payments. They will collect and store additional user information like credit card numbers.

When deleting your account

If you delete your accounts, all unshared notes will be immediately and permanently deleted along with name, email, and password. Shared notes will remain available to others. Your activity log will be anonymized and kept for statistical purposes and to detect malicious use. It might take up to 30 days for your personal information to be gone entirely from backups and logs.


All communication between your browser and our servers are encrypted. Database backups are also encrypted.


All data is stored within the European Union in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.


Cookies are used to recognize your browser between pages and visits, collecting anonymous analytics and making login possible. You can set your browser to block unwanted cookies.


We will keep this policy updated as the service evolves. Expect the gist of it to be the same, but details will change for sure. We’ll notify you about significant changes by email.